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Ron Reid Photograph Featured in Abigail Reynolds' Tre, 2022

'Tre was commissioned in 2021 to celebrate and commemorate the return to Cornwall of historic Cornish language manuscripts, including The Cornish Ordinalia, for temporary exhibitions at Kresen Kernow. The commission explored ideas of home and homecoming, and what it means to be at home in Cornwall today. It took inspiration from historic manuscripts, people’s stories, and the local landscape and features green roundels of glass handmade from Cornish sand.' -

In the lower right hand corner, you can see Ron's photograph of a figure, taken at Glastonbury in 1971. The same image was recently used by Emily Eavis in order to celebrate 51 years of the festival.

Abigail Reynolds, Tre,Kresen Kernow. 2022. Courtesy the artist. Photograph: Nick Cooney

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